Here, we don’t get bored!


The Nive is a river that goes through the entire valley and where you can fish trouts and salmons. They will be delighted to escape from your fish hook.


The Aldudes valley is known for its woodpigeons. This spectacular and technical net hunting takes place from the beginning of October to mid-November.


You will find many possibilities to go hiking and mountain biking by following the itineraries or the beautiful landscapes.


There is no village in the Basque Country that doesn’t have a court to play pelota. All year round, you can assist to pelota games in the valley.


UR BIZIA, on the Nive in Bidarray, 30 minutes from Aldudes, is a great way to discover and enjoy the Basque Country over the water flow.


A mad desire to fly? The paragliding school of the Basque Country, located at 45 minutes from Aldudes, at the foot of Mount Baigura, is waiting for you.